Give your picture a manly appearance with makeup for men application

Girls love doing makeup. They use several cosmetics on their face and beautify their appearance, however, it is all too expensive. Hence, for their convenience, there are numerous makeup applications are available at Play Store that allows them to use the same cosmetic products along with many other appearance enhancement tools such as wig, hat, etc. digitally on their face through their smartphones. However, long gone are those days when only girls could beautify their looks through such applications with the emergence of makeup for men.

Mens makeup is a simple, free and quite exciting application that allows the boys to edit their pictures by adding new effects and enhance their looks with brilliant makeup and accessories. It is one of kind app as it is dedicated to editing and decorates Men’s face unlike thousands of other applications that only help girls and women to provide elegance on their face. It is an all in one makeup solution for men as it offers brilliant editing options that you won’t anywhere else. Let’s take a look at the exquisite features of makeup boy application.


  • Unlike makeup girls applications, this app does not put foundation on the man’s face as it is not something a man would do. Instead, it highlights the facial accent and provides a new depth to the face of the man.
  • Change colors of your eyes from numerous predefined colors.
  • Adjust your eyebrows by lightening or thickening them, or simply changing their shape and size.
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness and include other effects with a simple tap.
  • Add decorative items on the face such as tattoo, star, icicle, stash, goatee, Balbo, beard, mustache of different styles and patterns.
  • Also add other accessories such as hat, goggles, earrings, wig, bow, piercing pin, etc.
  • Import pictures directly from the gallery or easily click a new picture from its camera option and begin editing.
  • Zoom in and out of the image to give a perfect touch to your editing.
  • Easily reset the edits to start afresh.
  • Automatically edit the images with its one tap feature that gives a perfect appearance to the picture in a moment.

In this modern age, not only girls but boys as well wishes to look handsome and upload their beautiful pictures on social media networks. Makeup for men gives them an outstanding assistance in helping edit their ordinary looking images and give them a royal touch. And with all these above mentioned features, it certainly becomes a fun activity for men as well to play with their photos and let the world know their creation.


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